5th Grade

5th Grade

Fifth graders have arrived! Where?

At the end of their Elementary School experience. Filled with an abundance of knowledge and skills, this is their year to take responsibility for their own learning, so that they can begin their journey to independence. In Science they learn their place in our environment, in Social Studies they look at the choices our country has made and the resulting consequences. In Math they move from basic facts and operations to deeper problem solving using estimation and those mysterious "unknowns" in pre-algebra. In Language Arts they analyze, evaluate and make deep personal connections with literature as they read and they gain insight into the structure of language as they express themselves in speaking and writing so that they may become thoughtful and articulate adults. We push and prod and cajole. We cheer and we celebrate, hoping to launch our fifth graders into Middle School with their backpacks filled to the brim with all the spirit they need to succeed!

Mrs. Aaron Clark

Miss Elizabeth Ronge

Ms. Jennifer Rukavina

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