Health Services

Health Services

"You can't educate a child who is not healthy, and you can't keep a child healthy who is not educated." - Dr Joslyn Elders, M.D., Former United States Surgeon General

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School Nurses are committed to helping children by promoting the well being, safety and educational success of every student.

Munhall Elementary School has a Certified School Nurse on staff to address your child's health and medical needs in the educational setting.

A certified School Nurse or RN is available during the school day to care for the physical health needs of students and to provide first aid in the event of sudden illness or injury.

Parents will be contacted if an emergency arises or as needed.

School Nurses seek to:

  • Maintain a healthy school environment conducive to learning
  • Manage and administer accommodations, treatment or medication necessary for an student to remain in school
  • Address and manage school and community health concerns
  • Assure that all students are compliant with state health regulations and requirements
  • Provide health and wellness education as needed
  • Work with the Student Services Team in assessing and providing for the special needs of students

Mrs. Wendy Landers

RN Certified Nurse

Mrs. Megan Mueller

RN NCSN School Nurse


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