About Fourth Grade

Fourth graders study interesting and relevant science topics like, how do we fit into and affect, the 'circle of life?' We will look closely at all levels of the food chain; get cozy with earthworms and dissect owl pellets along the way. In the spring we use all our best scientist minds (and goggles!) to test powders and crystals to solve the mystery of the powders.

Students will travel around the country learning about the regions of the United States in Social Studies. Along the way, we will also learn all 50 states and their capitals!

We will increase students' reading and writing skills. Students will learn to analyze texts and reflect on their own thinking. Writing becomes more focused as we further develop paragraph structure and work on including relevant details.

Finally, math curriculum involves studying geometric figures, problem solving, fractions, decimals, percentages, and probability. Knowing multiplication facts is essential!

Get ready for an awesome year as we grow and learn together!

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Fourth Grade Staff

AA Ashley Arnone

4th Grade Teacher

HC Holly Crossen

4th Grade Teacher

TT Taryn Tenhor

4th Grade Teacher